Get Started

Welcome to Payvalida! Start using our API with aid of our documentation.

Version 3.0.0

To complete a payment with Payvalida:

  1. Register a purchase order using our API, administrative module or our Plug-ins.

  2. Redirect your customer to our Check-out (You get the URL from the registration process)

  3. Receive a notification when the payment completes (Prepare your Webhook URL and send it to us)

You can get the data of an order using our API, you can also modify or eliminate it.

Our API is composed of four parts: Purchase orders, notification, country codes and payment methods.

Purchase orders

Here you can register, consult, update and delete your purchase orders.

The notification process reports to each commerce the orders that have changed status, meaning that the process notifies if Payvalida receives the payment, the order expires or by any other reason that makes the order change its status.

List of supported countries with their country codes and currencies.

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