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Version 1.0.0

The Tokenization API allows you to process credit card payments of a previously registered purchase order. The transaction can be with token, or with the possibility of tokenize. The API also allows you to delete tokens.

As a requirement to consume this web service, you must have a purchase order created. For this you can make use of the API de recaudo.

It is the service by which credit card payments are processed.

The service can be consumed in two different ways:

  1. Make a transaction with the credit card details. This process must be performed always the first time of each different credit card. When requesting the transaction you can choose whether to tokenize the credit card or not. If you choose to tokenize it, then the service will respond with a token that you should save and use it next time instead of the credit card details.

  2. Make a transaction with token. In this way, you had to previously make a transaction with the credit card details requesting to tokenize it and save the token that the API respond to. In this way, you will not need to send the card number, expiration date, or cardholder name to the API. The CVV can be omitted for MasterCard credit cards and must be send for the other franchises.

A token will be automatically deleted after completing one year without being used, or five years from its creation in our system, whichever occurs first. If a token was deleted, the API respond with an error message and the transaction should be performed again with the credit card details, as it was performed previously in the first time, requesting to tokenize again.

It is the web service by which the stored tokens in our system will be deleted and not valid for future transactions. You can freely used it to delete previously created credit card tokens.

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